OFIN TOTO 14-11-21

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    OFIN TOTO 14-11-21 admin

On this episode of OFINTOTO, we took a critical look into fraudulent investments and the postion of the law.

According to the yearly report of the Nigeria electronic fraud forum, which was unveiled in 2017, the Nigerian investing public lost N11.9 billion to the Mavrodi Mundial Moneybox Ponzis.

It was gathered that of the N300 billion lost by millions of nigerians to Ponzi schemes in the past few years, over 2,000 speculators lost N900 million to another sceme known as Yuan Dong Ponzi. Also, galaxy transport Ponzi schemes defrauded victims of N7 billion while N2 billion was lost to Famzhi Interbiz Limited. Nigerians who invested in Cowlane and Dureil also lost N100 million to each of the outfits. These and many more interesting stats with people’s personal experiences, and solutions by experts are what this episode promises.

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    OFIN TOTO 14-11-21 admin

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